Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rough day in the grind

Not for poor play. I was playing some Heads Up SnGs (1 on 1 for those who aren't poker savvy) with the $25.00 I loaded today. I had 3 tables going at once, when suddenly, my server began to freeze.

This is a nightmare for the online poker player. By the time that I had connected, I had almost lost all of the games. I was down to 2-300 chips with blinds of 100/200. So I played about 1-2 hands and then, bam, lost.

Money down the drain.

It was most of my bankroll. Now I am reevaluating if I want to deposit onto this site (Merge) again or not. It's a bummer cause my bankroll is very shallow right now, and I can't really afford too many more deposits.

On another note, I have a business venture going with my girlfriend that should result in a little bit of profit. She knows how to make all sorts of bath salts and body scrubs, so I am going to pony up and do the business end for her. Hopefully I can get a site up for these products soon.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've always attempted to steer clear of online gambling sites for this exact reason. It's dangerous and has too many variables (not unlike regular gambling if you ask me). However I, too am running an independent business venture that really isn't panning out as lucratively as i had originally hoped. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend!

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  3. Yeah count me out of gambling sites haha. Hope all goes well with your new business.

  4. Haha well this is the first time it's happened and is a minimal loss compared to the money I've made with online poker.

  5. Love those free deposit sites. Got 8 bucks on 888poker and turned it into 125 in a week :)

  6. I'm gonna do a post on sites with awesome freerolls soon, keep an eye out.

    1. im waiting D:

      what country are you from? I think they banned online poker here in the usa.

  7. Sorry for your downswing, it can be really exasperating. I lost a 2/3 of my bankroll on tilt mode because of that, so somehow I know what you felt in that moment.

    Nice to see another poker player. Hope you the best if you still play.

  8. Wow sorry to hear that, i hate when this happens.

  9. Keep your head up!!/MemeDoctor

  10. Shit happens. Good luck with this site for girlfriend ;)