Saturday, March 24, 2012

Intro to the Grind

Hello, world.

I am making this blog to document my re-entry into the world of online poker. I am writing this to keep an honest track record of my results.

I've had relative success here and there and turned my initial deposit of $50 to close $4,000 through MTT play. But after Black Friday, like many Americans, I pulled all of my money off of the sites out of fear of the funds being frozen. I was one of the lucky ones, as I was able to get my money in a timely manner.

Since then I have dabbled in live play with little to no net profit. I am not sure what it is about adjusting to live play.

Now, I am a poor college student with little to no monetary support so the winnings I earned helped greatly and for a long time, poker was my main source of income. Now that I am broke again, and the waters seem serene, I figure it's time to step back out into the world. I will be playing on Sportsbook, which is a Merge skin, and I am beginning with a very modest deposit of only $25.

I will deposit tomorrow, and I plan on grinding SnGs and MTTs, starting at the $1 level. The issue with this is that it's not the grind it was a year ago. The sites available to American players have typically poor SnG traffic so the most I can get of the same stakes at the same time, is only about 4-5.

So, here we go. 



  1. haha i used to play facebook poker all the time

  2. This sounds interesting. FOllowing!

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